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How to Apply

The grant application package for the New Jersey IOLTA Discretionary Grant program for the calendar year 2019 is now available. The grant application deadline is Friday, August 17, 2018.The application package must be postmarked by August 17. WE DO NOT ACCEPT HAND DELIVERIES. DO NOT USE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY SERVICES. Applications postmarked after August 17, 2018 will not be accepted.

It is too soon to determine the size of the 2019 grant pool. Our funding availability depends upon the interest we earn on attorney trust account balances. Interest rates remain very, very low.

In anticipation of a reduced pool of available funds, the IOLTA Board will limit the 2019 grant awards to our top grant priority, legal aid to the poor.

Foreclosure prevention legal assistanceWe have a supplemental pool of funds from a financial institution settlement that is available for foreclosure prevention legal assistance grants in 2019. IOLTA will accept separate grant applications from legal service organizations offering help with foreclosure-related matters. Please call if your program is interested in applying for those funds.

Applicants must demonstrate that their grant request is for civil legal services for poor people in New Jersey. Legal services include either full or limited representation or referral to volunteer attorneys providing full or limited representation at no charge to the client. For further guidance, see Paragraphs 3 and 14 of the IOLTA Grant Policy.

In addition, successful applicants will demonstrate that they have procedures in place to ensure that IOLTA funds are used to provide services free of charge to low-income individuals, including policies that limit services provided with IOLTA funds to clients within IOLTA financial guidelines and intake procedures that establish financial eligibility for all such clients. These policies and procedures must be provided to IOLTA with the grant application.

As before, the Basic Grant limit is $12,000 and the Major Grant limit is $150,000. All of the grant application forms are available online; contact us if you have difficulty accessing them. The completed application must be submitted on paper. We will not accept applications via email or fax. The last page of the application provides detailed instructions for submission of the application package (how many copies, how to package them, etc.) Do not use old forms. You may delete the page headers to gain space but leave the page numbers intact.

The IOLTA Board of Trustees relies primarily upon the written application for information about your project and your organization. This is a competitive grant program. You may attach additional information necessary to present a complete picture of your organization and the project for which you seek funding. Omit information that is not specifically applicable to your organization and project.

Shortly after the application deadline, the Fund begins the process of evaluating all requests for grants.Applicants and organizations must refrain from lobbying individual members of the Board of Trustees or IOLTA Fund staff during the evaluation process.You will be contacted by IOLTA Fund staff if there are questions about your application. Final decisions for 2019 grants will be made in late November. All applicants, successful and unsuccessful, will be notified of the Board’s decision by December 1, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 IOLTA discretionary grant program. Please call if you any questions regarding the discretionary grant program policy, application, or deadline. Questions from grant writers who seek more information about our grant program are welcomed.

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