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Given the latest CDC guidance the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey will be closing our offices at the close of business on Monday, March 16, 2020. There will be no one available to take your calls but please email all questions or concerns to We will respond as quickly as possible. Online registration will still be available. We are also relaxing the registration deadline from March 27, 2020 until April 30, 2020.

Second reminder notices were emailed to non-compliant attorneys on July 9, 2020. Due to limited office presence, we have received an extraordinary number of emails. Please be assured we will answer all emails but it may take several days. The IOLTA ineligible list will not be submitted to the Court until late September.

2020 Attorney Registration


All New Jersey Attorneys Engaging in the Private Practice of Law
2020 Online IOLTA Registration Instructions

Pursuant to Rule 1:28A, participation in the IOLTA program is mandatory for every attorney engaged in the private practice of law. The regulations of the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey approved by the Supreme Court require that trust accounts subject to Rule 1:28A shall be registered annually with the IOLTA fund. The 2020 IOLTA Registration must be completed by all attorneys admitted in New Jersey and engaged in private practice or on behalf of attorneys admitted in New Jersey who are members of a law firm.

IOLTA registration is separate from the Client Protection Fund. There is no fee associated with IOLTA.

The IOLTA online registration system will be available for licensed New Jersey attorneys and designated Law Firm Administrators beginning on January 8, 2020. Please visit and click on the 2020 IOLTA Registration Link. If you are a New Jersey attorney, you will need a current email address and your nine digit Bar Identification number. If you are a Law Firm Administrator responsible for your firm's IOLTA registration, a NJ admitted attorney from your law firm must first log onto the site and designate you as a non-attorney responsible party. Once designated by an authorized attorney, contact IOLTA to receive your login credentials. The 2020 deadline for registration is March 27, 2020.

For security purposes, the 2020 IOLTA Registration will require inputting account information for ALL attorney trust accounts. In future years, information entered will be prefilled for your convenience.

If your status changed since last registering with IOLTA and you are no longer in private practice, or are otherwise now exempt from maintaining a trust account, please notify our office in writing by March 27, 2020.

Instructions for opening new trust accounts can be found at under Lawyers > How to Comply. Note that the Low Balance exemption amount remains $2,500 for the 2020 Registration Cycle. Registration of low balance accounts is mandatory.

The Participation Form is only required if the designated account is a new account expected to maintain an average balance greater than $2,500 or for an existing low balance account requiring conversion to an Interest—Bearing IOLTA account. The Participation Form can be found at under Lawyers > Compliance Forms. Specific instructions are included on the Participation Form. Participation Forms must be mailed to IOLTA with an original signature.

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